needing medical help

i have a nagging concern about my climb to mt ugu tomorrow since i’m feeling a bit of pain in my groin area, and it sort of extends to the insides of my thighs. it is not unlike the feeling of not having stretched well enough, because when i woke up this morning, i walked awkwardly, like i was seriously avoiding my testicles. this isn’t really the most wholesome of topics to be making public on the net, but i worry this might affect my trek. the pain goes away though after a few hours. i still think that my knees need some attention, not having fully recovered from that halcon trip. now that i thought about it, i haven’t been running the last two weeks. i really should be seeing a professional, but i’ve always harbored gnawing doubts about medical doctors. i hate it when they can’t provide answers, subjecting one to a battery of tests with no clear diagnosis. and when they do give answers, their guesses are as good or as worse as the cigarette vendor’s. like these skin lesions i have. i’ve had at least 2 doctors look at them, and both have given divergent opinions. none of their suggestions have worked, and i’ve either been poisoned by an exotic plant or something hitherto discovered. 3 cheers for self-medication.

anyway, i hope ugu doesn’t turn out to be too major a climb, since i’m not as physically prepared as i should be. i wouldn’t want to be wasted on a mountain as nice as ugu.
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