can't sleep

i finally got to sample the break-your-wallet offerings of the old swiss inn near makati avenue the other night. we had beer and a chocolate fondue. and it was a strange combination, but i enjoyed it nevertheless. the following day, i woke up with a weird feeling in my stomach, and i had to report to the toilet really early, at least twice. during the pre-climb for our mt pinatubo climb at marina, i had a whole bucket of steamed oysters all to myself, and while i enjoyed it thoroughly, there may have been a few disagreeable shells there. they have this promo: buy a bucket of san mig light, get a bucket of talaba free, all for P250. not a bad offer, i think.

in a little while, i will get to test-drive my tent on this climb to pinatubo. i am praying for good weather. not sunny, not rainy. overcast would be perfect. at least while we’re trekking. too much sun would be bad for the food. and i may not have learned my lesson since i still volunteered to do the marketing. my mom is already complaining, since she does some of the work. imagine this menu: sinigang na bangus sa miso, thai garlic pork, chop suey with chicken and squid balls, tropical fruit salad, and fruit and marshmallow chocolate fondue. are these guys serious? and that’s just for dinner. i’m pretty sure i’d be getting not just a few complaints when they see the food load. ha!

this afternoon, we finally put to rest this huge illegal logging case. SMTD arrived, albeit a little late, and affirmed his sur rejoinder (how exactly do you spell that? might as well just call it, reply to the rejoinder, or something). at least the ball will be passed on to the DOJ, and hopefully, the courts. like this makes my job easier. not necessarily. but at least i can focus on my trip to palawan the week after next. must get those prophylactics. all of a sudden, palawan sounds like a place infested with malaria. scary.
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I think the reason why their chocolate fondue is so much more popular than the Swiss specialty of cheese fondue (well, all kinds are Swiss specialty but anyway) is because the latter is so fucking expensive.