i attended the orientation for AMCI’s BMC 2005 last night and i dragged ava and her work along with me. as fate would have it, my friends in the club reserved the cursed trainee number for me, expecting perhaps that i’d either break the curse, or be its next victim. ava, on the other hand, was listless, talking about work, and this pleading she was reading. i had half the mind to burn the bundle of sheets she was fiddling through. it’s strange that ava wants to try her hand on some outdoor activities to broaden her horizons, but is so saddled with work that she brings her office and her stressed-out self to virtually everywhere she goes. i hope when the training starts, she can put aside work, at least when we’re in the mountains.

during the program, i somehow ended up on the stage when i sat on a lucky seat. i won a shakey’s sports bottle. and it was pink. since it didn’t quite match most of my outdoor gear, i gave it to ava. i hope the BMC shirt this year is orange. or yellow, so i wouldn’t have to think too much about coordinating my gear. haha. columbia’s dino de leon and men’s health editor jeryc were also in tow. after the program, i gave away a few copies of the magazine that jeryc brought with him, and we continued the evening at hap chan/hap tian/haf chang for a chinese dinner. and as part of the AMCI routine, we headed to digi café for beer. and lots of beer too. i am still reeling from foolishly accepting dennis’s challenges. we sipped red horse. 3 glassfuls. were it not marris’s birthday, i would have thought twice about the dare. it’s a terrible feeling, and i will suggest it to anyone wanting to wake up the following day feeling really awful.

the night wore on, and was fast becoming the following morning. bert, andy garcia’s doppelgänger, was quite a revelation. i knew he was sort of twisted in a way, but i didn’t know he was so extremely self-effacingly funny. and comedy like that is precious. i wonder if he’s like that in the SC. hmmm... after that, i accompanied malvin and dennis to have coffee and more beer at a nearby gas station, and dennis had some issues which forced him to buy cadbury chocettes and i think it was pringles. yummy, but beer and chocolate should never be taken at the same time. malvin drove bing and me to quezon city hall, and i was supposed to drop bing at ever, but we were both so stoned that we missed the stop, so the cab had to return, when i was just a few paces from my house. and it was raining really hard too. i’m certain bing was drenched. thank goodness for my waterproof thunderscout.

i’m supposed to blog about my pinatubo trip. perhaps once the aftereffects of red horse siphoned through a straw has disappeared, i’d be more sober to talk about it. dennis really is quite a menace.
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