i was just at the TNF store (hmmm, should i drop the “the”, since it’d actually read: the the north face store?) in shangri-la earlier tonight to pick up the replacement for my TNF ultra gore-tex trail runners and they had a talus 23 tent displayed inside. when i asked the price, it was a whopping P14500! and i got mine for less than P8600! panalo! i’m suddenly tempted to sell it. haha. that’s not going to happen anytime soon!

by the way, baang has been without wi-fi for a week now since that awful rain last tuesday. too bad. where else in QC will i find free wi-fi? waaah! well, at least coffee bean in gateway now has wingspan. too expensive though! i must suggest to ms marquez-araneta that the whole mall be equipped with wireless internet. for free! hehe.