training for AMCI’s BMC B2K5 these past two weeks has not exactly been smoothsailing. i’ve encountered a few minor bumps on the road which have, in one way or another, affected my runs and my general outlook. the diagnostics, for example, was done on a sunday when i just came back from palawan, and a party which lasted till very early morning. in spite of the red wine in the bloodstream, i clocked in some decent times and repetitions, i think. how i ended up in a party the day i returned from PPC is a mystery. while on the cab on my way home, orland called me up to pop by redbox later that same day. and i did without much protest, thinking that’ll be all. the evening continued in this grand mansion of twin members of AMCI. kat yang was also there, plus a really giddy jay bejar, and a whole lot of underwater hockey folks and B2K4. there was this scene between me and one of them who said: “so you’re the infamous arman.” my response was a terse, “i may not be as infamous as you think, because it’s actually alman.”

after the initial diagnostics, we had our runs around velasquez park while it was raining hard. surprise is i finished first that night. but it’s all downhill from there. last sunday at fort boni, i slid down to 6th (of course, there’s a perfectly good explanation for that: i accompanied the present training director and a former training director to a street party which deprived me of any sleep), and yesterday, i slid further down. haha. oh well, it’s not like i want to get a medal for being the fastest, which i am not. still get bothered by these side stitches and pains and aches here and there. i am only 28, but i already suffer from so many worries. perhaps i should cut down on those alcoholic binges and consider healthy living. speaking of which, last sunday, the people from the south wanted to try out the offerings in my part of the metro, and we spent time in gateway mall. we had really good pizza and beer at the terrarium served by pizza hut bistro. it felt like an aquarium since everyone was looking at us through thick glass walls. i was so drained of energy that night that i was falling asleep as people spoke to me.
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