i saw two movies last night. i wanted to work out at the gym, these being my last days at fitness first, but because of some limitations in my clothes, i ended up going to work in a barong. after 6, i had no idea what to do, and so i just decided to see a movie at gateway. i was supposed to see “war of the worlds”, but i decided against it, thinking it’d be better to see it with friends. so i settled for “mr and mrs smith”. i thought it was funny, and i just enjoyed all that action. i don’t want to think about it too much. the gateway cinemas are just really nice. after the movie, i stepped out of the mall to buy some donuts to take home. just as i was about to board a bus home, xenon asked if i had any gimiks, and i said i had none. since he has a season pass in glorietta, he asked if i wanted to see another movie. i have just elevated my kaladkarin status to another level. i met him in G4 20 minutes later. may was also there, and we decided to see the adaptation of h.g. wells’s sci-fi novel. another set of friends were to see “batman begins” which i was not interested in. i just gave them my donuts and i bought the tickets for “war...” and i got home at past 3am. this is getting to be a really bad habit. too far from home!