not a friendster whore

i’ve been receiving messages on friendster of late from people who are possibly the least i would expect to be receiving messages from, and of course that excites me a little because i’m thinking, hey, i wonder what’s up? i’m a sucker for all things sentimental, and even a short hello would be greatly appreciated. instead, i received, i think over 10 times, this message about friendster about to close down, and that you have to send this message to at least 20 friends, else your account will be deleted. that is just absolutely stupid, and even illogical. if friendster will close down, then why send a chain mail? is this like a signature campaign to encourage susan roces to take FPJ’s place in the electoral protest? stupid begets stupid, and i feel bad about having a few in my friend’s list. and these are people i really know as well. i wanted to respond: LIKE I CARE! i mean, i’m not that big with friendster to begin with, and my chief concern with the link is really just to show people where i’ve been to with my profile photos which i change regularly (at least once a week, lately). it’s not like my social life is going to end once friendster crashes (yeah, like i have a social life!). and gosh, you have got to be really stupid to believe all that. good thing friendster finally came out with a clarification. i swear, i get one more message like that, and that person is up for deletion!
it's kinda like that Yahoo chain mail that started circulating a while back. the only good thing i got out of it was a nice harvest of email addresses. bcc, anyone?