yesterday, i accompanied rolly to crame yet again to check on the status of his missing vehicle. we were actually expecting to get his certificate of non-recovery. that, apparently, is not as easy as we thought. the usual bureaucratic obstacles have made our trip absolutely useless. there are tons of things rolly still has to secure before he actually gets the CNR. and i don't even think that the TMG has lifted a pinky to recover the vehicle. they don't have much urgency there.

after that, rolly and i proceeded to galleria for lunch. when we parted, i went to salomon to ask about my shoes. i finally got to talk to eric and he's agreed to replace the boots. only problem is that he can't find my size. so as consuelo, he gave me some really nice salomon reflective stickers plus a car decal. cool! all i need now is a car. but we had some discussions about my outdoor passion, and he made a few offers. if any one of those things pushes through, then eric ain't half as bad as i think. now my only hope is that i get the boots before i climb this friday night.

i then proceeded to jollibee plaza for a raket. a friend of mine has asked me to review some of their contracts and policies.

my last stop for the day was jay. got his pics on a cd. we proceeded to expedition plus. oca was treating both of us differently. jay said something i denied. i think oca was more kindly to me because i've actually spent something in his shop.

before i finally went home, i did my shopping at sm for our climb. even bumped into tin. she buzzed me, and so did her son. now that was ultra weird. he's probably italian or something. how very european!