a good run

it’s probably not the case, but i had a much better run last wednesday with my freshly-minted new balance running shoes (CM503GO). finished a 6.4km course in under 33 minutes. not bad since i usually do 10km in just over an hour. i hope this holds up for just a bit longer, so at least i could improve on my time and be able to do that 15km course without any hitches. i don’t really give much of a damn about finishing first or third or sixth or tenth (so long as it’s not last), but i am under a lot of pressure from friends who think i should be some kind of machine. i fought back some pain in the abdomen. i’m thinking this might not be side stitch since the pain is emanating on the left side. maybe my liver’s on the left side. better have my body scanned just to be sure.

after the usual physical exercises, my AMCI batch decided on the acquaintance party theme. my choice lost to black & white. hmmm... you’ve gotta have a really wild imagination to make this idea work. i already have one. better look for those neil gaiman “sandman” comics for inspiration. incidentally, he’s coming to town. i was also appointed as batch rep, along with janet and crystal. i dragged niel along. four is a nice number.

although i had a 7.30am meeting the following day, i still went to digi and had 1 -- just 1 -- beer. i left at around 1.45am, and a few minutes later, i received a call from malvin. he was asking where i was and asking why i’d left so early. he was acting pretty weird that time. probably drunk, because while i was shopping for pain killers after janet dropped me off, he called again, and even offered to drive me home if only i went back to digi. that’s fresh for malvin. he’s not usually like that. beer can do weird things to people.

yesterday, i met with some DENR bosses and solgen folks in greenbelt. then i went to sir oca’s store to check out what i can buy once i have the money. sir oca was really nice, giving me lectures on gear, and showing me his magazines and catalogues. too much gear, too little money, haha. then in the pm, i had another meeting at the office. it was at usec dimalibot’s office, and i was really quite surprised to find that many toys in there. well, action figures, really. he had glass cabinets filled with marvel superheroes, WWF superstars, and many others, all still inside their neat packages. there was even a huge hellboy and the bride statues on his table. quite the collector he is.

after work, i proceeded to FF at the fort to get my bag from dong. i’m lending my spare packs to niel and rhyan. and maybe ayee might get the small one. i am such a good samaritan.
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