i ought to be in sales

i think it’s a special skill, really, which has a lot to do with my ability to speak with a lot of confidence, something which sometimes appears as competence, but not exactly. WWF and salomon should give me something because i convinced a lot of people to drop by the salomon sale recently, and not a few of them plopped down a few thousand pesos right there and then. after visiting the sale and getting a tech shirt, i sent a message to one of my egroups and described the sale as insane. janet’s also buying a tent she hasn’t even seen. all because i vigorously promoted the product and how lucky she is to have been offered first. and prof labitag once remarked, after i BSed myself through my property oral exam finals, that if he didn’t know the subject as well as he does, he would actually have believed all that crap i produced in the hour that i was talking. but for some reason, i cringe at the thought of selling anything. i can’t even sell myself, and have failed to convince a lot of people that i’m good at anything. of course unconsciously, sometimes people think i’m good at a lot of things, but i’m really not. this is starting to make less sense than when i first began. next topic.

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our first training climb for B2K5’s BMC will be in tapulao, a mountain in zambales also known as high peak. it’s already considered by some as a major mountain. and yesterday, we had a group run. just my luck, i’m grouped with possibly one of the slowest guys in the batch, and probably the slowest girl in the batch. and i’m supposed to be the group sweeper! i haven’t got the patience for that. but what can i do? anyway, i haven’t been on a mountain in over a month. i’m itching to climb!
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Re: good luck!
ey thanks. we'll do our best not to disappoint.

by the way, i saw atty. andrew fornier last night. he says hello.
hey dave. goodluck with being the sweeper of two slow guys. i've climb tapulao. and it wasn't easy. the heat will wear you off. and if by chance it rains, trail looks like an upward river. but the view on the peak is superb. check out the orchids, mosses and bonsais. just think about what you'd see up there, when you get there. it would at least help you get through the rough time of being a sweeper on your climb.
not two, but three really slow guys. this is the worst job ever.

care for an introduction?
this is art. one the few guys who fell short in the psibatch2004 training. with the conditioning you have, you could reach the tapulao cabin camp site in 6hrs. it'd be nice if you could climb at night, coz the heat would really get to you. pa-assault na kasi kaagad yung trailhead, tapos bato at buhangin yung makita mo sa loob ng 4 oras na paglalakad. after 4hrs, dun pa lang lilitaw yung mga pine trees at malamig na hangin. sabi nga nila, patience is a virtue. you need a lot in this climb. hehehe. (it took me 7hrs to get to the cabin. miyembro ako ng sweep group. pero iniwan ko yung ibang sweepers kasi nakakapagod mag-intindi.)