was in ayala...

i just ran 2.2kms in 9 mins and 33 secs. goodness, that’s really fast. if i went any faster, i’d have injured myself. already, my right heel’s a bit sore. since our times and ranks are posted on the board, can’t quite help but engage in a little competition. we also just got our IDs. it’s really nice. really professional. and barcoded too!

the diagnostics at valero gave me a chance to drop by the rally in makati. on our way there, some obviously anti-GMA broadcasters declared that thousands of rallyists (”daang libong mga tao”) have converged in the corner of ayala and paseo. these guys obviously don’t know how to count. i’d say 15k, give or take a few. the previous night, i overheard a speech which went a little like this:

and sabi po nila, isang destabilisasyon ang ating ginagawa. ano po ba ang ibig sabihin ng destabilisasyon? ang ibig sabihin po nito, merong stability sa kasalukuyan nating pamahalaan. sa presyo ng mga bilihin natin ngayon? sa patuloy na pagtaas ng presyo ng krudo? yan po ba ang sinasabi nating stabilidad? kaya hindi po destabilisasyon ang ating ginagawa dahil hindi naman po stable ang kanilang pamamalakad.

this is the kind of argument which turns me off, and one reason i’m not in that rally. also, i think most of the people there are bound merely by a general desired result: GMA’s ouster. their reasons are, however, varied. so despite the variance and divergence of their opinions for the reason why GMA should no longer be president, they’ve gathered their numbers and voices to ask that she step down. and i guess that’s one of the problems of this movement. they’re not united in a cause -- that is, an acceptable reason why we must change the present leadership. another disagreement is succession. in the few minutes that i was in ayala, there were a few asking for everyone’s resignation. the idea of NDC assuming the presidency isn’t even the equation. it’s more of a let’s-cross-the-bridge-when-we-get-there approach. absolutely no foresight. and that is one of the great failures of this country’s elected leaders. that they cannot think beyond today, and the few times they are given a chance to think of tomorrow, is only how to perpetuate their hold to power. that sucks. personally, i have this people power fatigue. and i’ve only been physically present in one.

yeesh! why am i even saying this? i’ve hated politics ever since and i don’t like talking about it because i think this kind of talk is better confined in the spaces of the opinion columns or in neighborhood sari-sari stores. i would much rather blog about my travels. we’ll have one after this weekend! :D