worth more than i'm getting

a headhunter has just asked me for an updated resumé because she thinks i’m right for this job in a burgeoning IT firm that needs a legal manager. i’m liking my job here in government, because it’s so relaxed and i get to travel a lot, but the pay is pathetic, i might be better off being an events photographer. but do i really want to go back doing really stifling and monotonous corporate work? well, DENR work is also really monotonous, but at least it’s monotonous work in new places. i get to see what’s outside my office before the noisy chatter of these jaded government personnel drives me insane. the price i pay though is huge: no more getting my regular massage, no bi-monthly visits to new and expensive restos, no new books, and no new gadgets (this last one has got to be the worst feeling of them all). yeah, but having lots of money won’t answer all of my problems, but having no money might just be a bigger problem. argh. what a quandary. but better not count my chicks before the eggs are even laid!
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the brutal reality of life is that 90% of your problems can be fixed with money. money may not make you happy but the lack of it can certainly make you miserable- cutebalddiver