i think mosscake is in a better position to bitch about this subject, but this morning’s run was probably the worst since AMCI training started. the training shirt was distributed and it had to be a deep shade of blue. it looks good, actually, but it’s awful to wear under the scorching sun. i think i was in third grade when i was taught that dark clothes are much warmer than light-colored ones. yeah, complaints were flying thick today. and with a 10km route, i can’t quite tell the difference between punishment and physical exercise. i started off well, actually, since it’s mostly downhill from the start till the turnpike past the AFP gym. but getting back to the starting point was an absolute chore. one by one, i saw these guys overtaking me, and although i kept them within striking distance, nothing a last spurt won’t overcome, i had to endure some pain when i was less than 2km from the finish line. arrgh. my steady cadence was reduced to a slow trot, then to a walk, and i had to stop for about 5 seconds. i doubled over. goodness. training is going to kill me! i may have declared that it ain’t too bad to be in the top 5, but this morning, i was zapped from that list! 7th! so carlo finally made good on his dream to overtake me. he was 5th overall, over a minute ahead. first thing he said when he saw me was rather predictable: “sa wakas naunahan din kita.” yeah, some friendly competition is going on. the training shirt was a huge factor. it was heavy, hot, and reeked of unwashed fresh-out-of-the-factory scent.

the lectures though were a little different. the subject was land navigation, and the lecturer was really competent and the most eloquent so far. i mean, i was out of business the entire time. no more witty quips to liven the situation. but i was being bibo today. displayed some culture. had a realization today: that you needn’t be smart to be a nerd. or, phrased differently, a nerd isn’t necessarily smart. haha. east is not 45 degrees, but 90! after i aced the exam on ropemanship, i vigorously took down notes. learned a few things about triangulation and stuff, and the day ended in hot rocks in ortigas for steak.

there were some hanging invites to go elsewhere for beer but i was really so eager to get some sleep. i mean, i was exhaling hot air. no doubt i was about to get sick there. i even had to refuse going to antipolo the previous day (malvin and kuya mar both tried to coax me into going) since i was concerned about the run. instead of that, i just settled for dinner with law blockmates. lots of married people there, and everyone seems to be growing... laterally! i initially didn’t want to go because i didn’t want to feel financially inferior in the company of my prosperous friends, but many of them seemed to admire my laid back life. yeah right! found out that there are now at least 6 mac converts in the batch. darwin is the last one, and marmee is considering getting her own. we all sounded like real geeks talking about widgets, and panther, and tiger, and G4, and stuff like that which bored the hell out of the PC users.

it was a short evening for me and i left before midnight, unlike the late night to early morning binges i have with AMCI (the gimik at chili’s continued in gweilo’s then ended in swiss inn). janice observed that she’s been spending a whole lot of time with this group, and i said it’s just the beginning. it’ll grow into a really bad habit, until you notice that you’re seeing less and less of your old non-AMCI friends who are finding you more of a stranger as you get a lot darker, leaner, and babbling about mountains and mountaineering gear.
raul here
kaya ko kaya yang training nyo if i decide to train next year? :)

Re: raul here
haha. of course you'll do just fine. i just tend to complain a lot. i'm not really sporty, but folks who have about half of my capabilities are doing just fine. i'm the problem: i tend to push myself to the limit when in fact i'm not getting younger and i may need to slow things down. haha.
Re: raul here
i'm targetting to train next year. so i might give up shooting basketball games.
Yeah, you need not be a nerd to be smart! Mel from the Ateneo thats why he's so eloquent! LoL. BTw, didn't anyone ever tell you that AMCI is not a club but a lifestyle??? LOL. Hmmmm... wonder waht mosscake has to say? going to his exhibit?
about the nerd/smart comparison, i was actually referring to a batchmate -- who shall not be named but has gained some amount of fame (or infamy) by wildly talking about his testicle burn during 1st TC -- whose interest in minutae sort of makes him a nerd, but who is so lacking in the good stuff that you'd conclude he ain't smart. and he's from that school beside the LRT, hehe.

yeah, mel's really good, i have to admit. i mean, i'm pretty sure everyone is competent, but the failure to convey ideas well makes the absorption of knowledge really hard. and of course, it's really distracting if people need speech therapy. but i'm okay with everything. just having a bit of nasty fun. haha.

yeah, going to mosscake's exhibit. it's tomorrow. :D
oh you mean mike yagburn!!! noni mauricio and i have stories to tell you about his mother. may pinagmanahan yan! "the apple does not fall far from the tree" as the saying goes.