iPod ergo sum

during dinner at teriyaki boy in gateway mall with my law school buddies, i accidentally dropped my iPod.

“oh my god,” i said.

“what? why?” marie asked.

“dropped my iPod.” i go down under the table to pick it up.

“is that the one with the camera?” marie asked. i got confused. i’m usually updated of any developments from apple. when was the last time i checked apple news? “can i see it?” marie continued. i handed it over to her.

“i don’t know if a camera’s been made for the iPod,” i said, unsure.

“isn’t there like a new iPod with picture capabilities?”

“do you mean iPod photo?” i asked. marie nodded while looking at my iPod. “oh. it just means that the iPod is colored and can display pictures. it doesn’t have a camera.”

marie blushed and we all laughed, realizing how silly her assumption was. funny.
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