a day with an artist

i dropped by mosscake’s exhibit at the west gallery yesterday with janet. he had more than 20 collages there, and i liked “liquid man” best. turns out he likes it too, and was thinking about not selling it. i asked him if he reads neil gaiman’s “sandman” series, because his work had shades of the brooding, gloomy, troubled, dark, gothic, violent, art you see in the mature comic book. he said people have compared his work to “sandman”, but he said he’s not a fan. the west gallery is owned by malang, so there are a whole lot of works by the prolific artist in the building that’s undergoing some construction. then he took janet and myself to his house/studio where we chilled for a few hours (”may trabaho ba kayo?” he asked. well, i am in the government, hehe), had ice cream, and i browsed through some of his work, including this really amazing large hardbound collection which is a fine example of book art. he says a belgian guy offered him a volvo for it, and he turned down the offer because the book, containing pages and pages of art and angst, was worth much more than that. it’s unfair, i think, for one man to have so much talent. was also pleased to find that he’s actually done a book with eugene, one of my best buds back in college.

it turns out that my initial impression of jason from the diagnostics we had at ULTRA isn’t accurate at all. yeah, he can be a bit cranky when he’s hungry, but he isn’t a bitch at all. i gave him that ice queen award to announce to everyone that he’s actually tender and nice under that mean façade. all that time spent in his studio game me reason to dig up my artist’s hat once again. i want to write, draw, paint again. still trying to find it, since it’s buried under a lot of legal shit.