i should’ve accepted carlo’s bet last week because i was way ahead of him at the milo marathon this morning. he was actually poised to overtake me when i slowed down on the way up the flyover but after that, he was nowhere in sight! haha. so dong, your wish did come true. i clocked a very respectable time of under 53 minutes, 5th in my batch, behind jon, sigz, JC, and gerry. the latter two were really impressive today. so i’m back in the rankings, which can be attributed to the fact that rendo wasn’t around, and nestor, well, had an out-of-body experience. he was with a huge pack in the lead near the turnaround at the cuneta astrodome, and it turns out he collapsed just in front of the US embassy after feeling some numbness in the hands, with less than 2 kms left. it must’ve been the new red nike shox. haha. but he’s alright now and managed to show up for the afternoon session of our BFA at the makati university, after spending only a couple of hours at the manila doctor’s hospital. when i saw him inside the ambulance, they were smothering him with ice. lots of ice. he seemed conscious, but unresponsive. funny this should happen while we’re doing our red cross training.

now, this is all redundant to me, since it’s been less than a year since i last got my red cross IDs, but these things expire notwithstanding the fact that no new knowledge is acquired or shared. in fact, last year’s training, was a lot more detailed than this one. although i have gotta admit, this was way way more fun than any other training i’ve had. this batch is hilarious, and save for hot nerd niel, the boys are all game. i pity the abuse that sigz unwillingly exposed himself to though, but that kept us awake. and maricar’s procession up and down the stairs was such a classic. jason had a field day capturing all that on video. “hindi kita malilimutan” was floating from our lips. all that laughing probably made learning a lot more challenging, but we all thankfully survived. next week, we climb the mariveles mountains, dissecting sky’s loop that takes us down tarak ridge. interesting. i’m feeling super!

by the way, i saw ex kulê EIC herbert today. he says he’s joined UPM. okay, so much for that. goodness, this marathon really took a toll on me. i woke up at a little past 3 while the rain was pouring really hard. still, a 10km route is no joke. but, i’m sure i’d do just fine next time. i must say God answered my prayer to keep my side stitches at bay. thank you God.
10 K is chiken to the best trainee. he he he hindi ka naman magaling e..............magaling na magaling. What if kung 15 k na. he he he
sino ba best trainee?
hindi chicken sa akin yun kasi hindi naman ako best trainee eh... best trainee evah lang. haha.

isipin mo, kung tinanggap ko yung hamon ni carlo na pustahan, eh di siguro may pambili na ako ng therm-a-rest ngayon. sayang. haha.

15km. baka mag nestor ako dun. wag naman sana. goal ko lang ay matapos yun in 90 minutes. sana hindi lang sumakit yung tiyan ko.