got raided

saw an advance screening of “the great raid” yesterday at the galleria (thanks to DJ crystal) with some AMCI people who just happened to be in the area. cesar montano’s billing was the same as benjamin bratt’s, at least in the posters. it was good enough, and they still had those meralco trams in pre-world war II manila. they’d place “manila” there but the people looked more vietnamese more than anything, and what appeared to be intramuros looked more like beijing. only a few filipino actors actually appeared. ryan eigenmann was there. i had to keep reminding myself that this is a hollywood movie, and so the dialogues in filipino should’ve had subtitles. there were parts where you feel like falling asleep and wake up 20 minutes later without missing much. but the actual raid was gripping. it was a really depressing movie. joseph fiennes had to lose a lot of weight for it. i’ve seen a lot of war movies, and i’m well aware of history, but damn, i hate them japs.

hollywood movies with the philippines as a setting are sort of warped. like “bruce almighty”. i understand they shot the film in australia and some other southeast asian country. did they have to import carabaos for it? i wonder.
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hay yeah. minor role lang naman si kuya cesar dun. natawa nga ako sa billing ng posters dito eh.
oo nga eh. hehe. kala mo napakalaki ng ginampanan nya. eh dun sa credits ng pelikula, dun na sya sa huli nilagay. inisip siguro nila na kung starring si cesar, baka mas maraming manood. pero ang galing ng pagbara nya kay benjamin bratt dun. snaps for the filipino soldier and the bamboo telegraph!
I read the book "Ghost Soldiers" thats where the movie was based on. The movie does not tell you half the story on how the japanese treated prisoners. the book tells you though the reasons the japs treated prisoners very badly. It is a cultural thing. In the code of the bushido, if a soldier/samurai is defeated, he is suppose to take his life not surrender. So to the japs, these defeated soldiers are already dead for all intents and purposes. Hence the very barbaric treatment.
the movie had shades of "schindler's list" actually. i don't know if war movies like "the great raid" are doing any of us good. i mean, we've all collectively forgotten how badly we've been treated, and our good relations with japan and the japanese seems to indicate we've healed. but while watching the movie, and remembering that i just had a japanese dinner before it, i wanted to throw up. but after that, ok na ako. i guess it's a tribute to how effective the movie was in driving home a point. :D