the issue of fluency

last night, after AMCI training which left me close to limping as i gave it all to shave 7 seconds off my time in the 2.1km run, i found myself saying something about the red cross volunteers and their murder of the english language, and niel said that i shouldn’t be so critical since not everyone went to a private school like me. i told him i went to a public elementary school, a state university and a public law school, and proficiency in a language has nothing to do with attending a private school at all. i mean, 98% of the folks who went to my private high school are probably no better than those red cross people. and it also has nothing to do with attending a postgraduate course. goodness, there are lawyers with really bad grammar too! the point really is that you have to be good in at least one language. if it’s not english, then fine, filipino will do. but all dictionaries be damned. their filipino is just as worse. i hate it when people resort to arguments like language proficiency isn’t necessary to survive. i agree. but 95% of the things we are usually concerned with aren’t necessary for us to survive. good communication skills still remain top priority for me, and i think those red cross folks should either stick to filipino or improve on the way they use the english language. they’re involved in training, and i’m not even asking that they be eloquent or articulate. just understandable and not distractingly funny. it gets in the way of the learning process and makes you think that the person teaching you these skills isn’t competent at all. but then again that’s just me.
Eto yung mga taong hindi nanood ng Sesame Street nung bata sila. O baka naman Sesame na ang sikat nung panahon na yon.
true true
here's a conversation i had in singapore, after making a short speech in front of a huge audience.
guy: you know your english is really good.
me: really? you think so? most of my friends back home talk just like me.
guy: did you study in US?
me: no.
guy: so where you learn english like that?
me: uhm... sesame street i guess.
i miss big bird. and snuffy. and all those monsters. :D
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Agree ako dyan. english proficiency is not an exclusive domain of the private schools. There are lousy private schools and there are good public schools. but there are graduates of good schools who are not very proficient in english. it's still really up to the individual to master english. And yes, those red cross trainors are lousy english speakers.
thanks, and in addition...
the issue of proficiency in english in a country where there are 2 official languages is really a rather testy issue, which sometimes becomes a debate between imperalism and nationalism -- an argument which for me is untenable. my point really is that one ought to be good and articulate in at least one language. that is a minimum requirement. because of the present setup, most kids grow up only half eloquent in both languages. which is sad.