gosh this day was tiring. woke up before 4am to make it to makati parks by 5.30 for a 10km run. finished in good time: exactly 60 minutes, almost 3 minutes off from the last time i did the route. the different training shirt helped heaps, and didn’t suffer from anything despite having no water breaks. the whitish drink was weird but it may have helped a little. after that, we had our BLS training. learned nothing new, and helped batchmates with the practical exam. we finished after 7pm! but it was lots of fun, and my instructor gave me one of those pins.

this sunday came on the heels of a series of parties and long evenings. on thursday, i met with guada who’s about to leave for bangkok. then moved to makati for iton’s despedida. gave an impromptu testimonial. he’ll be based in singapore for the next two years. too many departures. that party ended in old swiss inn where we lasted till close to 5am. but it was not a problem because friday was a holiday for me.

after lunch, i call up malvin to greet him a happy birthday. he asks me to round up some B2K5 folks to pop by his bash in malate. i’ll try, i said. people had other plans, and so did i. nevertheless, i showed up, belted my usual song at the new karaoke place called snyder along orosa, and downed 3 sanmig strong ice. would’ve left earlier, but people don’t usually show up until 3 hours after the appointed hour. zoomed to the next party in cubao. and this was when the fun started. too many revelations that night, and it was just great to hang out with fun, interesting, game, and rowdy batchmates in AMCI. moss dropped by and poisoned us with his concoction called leche. loved it! instantly becomes official B2K5 drink. i had more strong ice. stoned, i accepted dares, interviewed and disrobed people, including myself. and got home almost 6am. i wake up with a cleaving headache. popped 2 alaxan FRs and a biogesic. walked around the house feeling woozy. left for badminton at west drive with my fingers still trembling. didn’t plan to play but had at least 4 games. people observed i was getting better at the sport. ha! playing again tomorrow. thinking about getting my own racket.

after the game, went to next door/tiananmen in ortigas home depot, the schizophrenic resto. menu, music, mood, prices and server costumes change after 9pm. brilliant!

had another fruitless trip to isabela on tuesday, and got back to manila very early wednesday morning after back-to-back 10 hour bus trips. coaxed bert into giving extra merits for people who’d be doing extra rounds. worked! people took the bait. looking forward to sleeping till lunch. ahh! the humanity!
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since your the expert, i heard that there's a super luxury pass that goes to tuguegarao. the seats daw reclines all the way and may restroom daw. is there such a bus as this?
victory deluxe
yup, there actually is something like "a super luxury" ride that goes to tuguegarao. it's the deluxe service of victory liner. it has less than 30 airline seats which recline nicely, and has a standard bus toilet, which is pretty hard to use when the bus is dealing with those many turns. unless you sit on the bowl, you'd be pissing all over the place.

however, i have been on better "luxury" buses on my trips to bicol. these even have free jollibee meals and a stewardess who hands out blankets. victory liner has no such thing. nevertheless, the deluxe service doesn't make any stops, so the ride is cut down to 9 hours (even 8, when i took it) against the regular 12.

i think victory has 2 deluxe trips per day. you going north?
Re: victory deluxe
don't know yet but its nice to know. kung hindi mag organize ng bmc ng train climb sa ugu, organize ako ng climb sa ugu. sama ka? at ano itong narinig ko na marami ka daw revelation that fateful saturday night????? hahahaha
Re: victory deluxe
pwede ba kaming sumama sa ibang climb? that'll mean expulsion from the BMC! unless hindi nila malaman of course.

i don't remember making any revelations on a certain fateful saturday night. saturday morning you mean. besides, whatever it (they) was (were), it (they) will remain there. military secrecy. hehe.