a man's mind

wednesday last week, i was having a conversation with niel over at YM. he was asking me what an appropriate gift for his wife nicole would be. he confessed that he wasn’t thoughtful at all and had not the slightest idea what to give her. i suggested, being a mac freak and all, that he buy her an apple iPod shuffle. i suggested it would be the perfect gift for a music lover, and, he could borrow it anytime. i said it half-jokingly, really, since it’s a really selfish thing to think about: buying someone you love a gift so you can use it for yourself. the last thing that niel told me in that chat was: “you the man” so i didn’t know if he was just thanking me or was about to buy another gift. but lo and behold, he shows up at camp vicente lim for rappelling with these white earphones running from the sides of his head to inside his shirt. upon further inspection, i discover that the hot nerd did in fact carry out my suggestion.
yeah, i saw his ipod shuffle. why don't you set up a fund and buy me an ipod for xmas? :-)