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i finally have my pictures of amuyao online. there is nothing about these pictures that i do not like. although the trek to the summit may have caused me at least a week's bout of suffering, the results of my photography are nothing but outstanding, and little of that can be attributed to talent. yes, that sounds a little humble, which is unusual of me, but i cannot quite claim credit for the beauty which abounds in the mountains, particularly in the mountains of the north. you can point your camera anywhere, and the image is bound to be memorable.

yesterday, i spent half the day with rolly, and the better part of the night with rolly and dong. i began my venture out of the house with a lot of trepidation. i take back what i just said previously. i don't walk with a new mother's gait. i walk like a man afflicted with polio. yes, it's strange, but my left foot sort of throws itself ahead of me, and i have difficulty dealing with steps, particularly when i am going down. i now know why escalators were created in the first place. after meeting rolly at crame, we proceeded to business world's office in balete drive extension, quezon city. i gave them the pics and they asked me to pitch more ideas. i can finally get to see my name in print again... wait a minute, is that the goal, i mean, of all writers? to see one's byline. perhaps i've just reached a point where i have to aggrandize myself yet again.

we then proceeded to makati to have the pics developed and to look for a place to wait and drink (not after touring the entire glorietta!) and ended up in gerry's grill, where there was a power outage. electricity resumed after a while. rolly was happy with his photos. dong arrived after a little while, and we had a blast. we were drinking too much i think, and started dancing. i filched some tissue for the climb, enough to last till next year's training.

on our way home, i had to settle for a non-aircon bus because they were the only ones available. i was so tipsy and sleepy that i dozed off and woke up to find myself in unfamiliar territory. where was i? i had to take another jeep to my stop. it really was painful to manage all those steps on the footbridge.