before i leave for training...

i rushed to calamba this morning to attend a hearing in an illegal logging case that’s been turned over to me by one of my superiors. the case should’ve been dismissed because we were going to utilize one of the accused -- who was really small fry -- as state witness against a bigger fish. but for some reason, the motion to dismiss the case as against him was denied, and so as some sort of concession, the witnesses for the prosecution have just agreed not to appear until the case is provisionally dismissed. so earlier today, my mission really was to create palpable excuses and alibis for their second non appearance. and for that, the judge goes into this long winded lament over the DENR’s apparent lack of interest in pursuing a case against illegal loggers. i really couldn’t tell him the real reason why SMTD’s men were not around. he even threatened that should the witnesses for the prosecution still fail to appear on the next hearing, he would have his order dismissing the case published in a newspaper of general circulation. what that would achieve is beyond me, but in the end, he apologized to me, saying that it’s not my fault, etc. part of the job. just decided to go to LB to buy original buko pie. i purchased their new product: a buko apple pie. yummy.

* * *

with the 15km induction run behind me, i can now focus my energies on two more things before i elevate my status from trainee to inductee: the submission of the letter of intent and the panel interview. the training with AMCI has been the most hectic period of my life this year, and i do not recall ever having a full weekend to myself since last june. my room is an absolute mess, and many many other things have been relegated to the basement. nevertheless, it’s been a wonderful experience, so far. and i’ve done fairly well in nearly all aspects of the training. my co-trainees and i kid about an elite 7, a circle of 12, a top 10 finishers, all of which i belong to. the only list i wasn’t able to make is xenon’s finest. but making it to mike’s hit list is good enough.
San Mateo Landfill
Hey you. Great to find you're still caught up in hearings and postponements-- I never thought I'd miss these things but it appears that I do. I have to shift gears now, I'm no longer an advocate but some sort of a magistrate with the burden of having to decide a case for or against one of the parties. Just a while ago, Justice C. called me into his chambers. He asked me to write a dissenting opinion in a case that I think would really interest you (does the San Mateo landfill ring a bell?). This touches on environmental law and we should discuss this over coffee or during the long ride to Laguna this weekend because I know you can give me good inputs on this one. One of the lawyers here congratulated me for having been given this task-- it seems that getting an assignment this early from Justice C. is a big thing. God, it feels darned great to be feeling this kind of pressure again!