treading on sacred ground

i got my copies of citiguide yesterday, and my excitement fell like an anvil dropped from the penthouse of the PBCom tower when i discovered the not-so-insignificant tweaks the editor did on my article on batad. were i more attached to this article, i would’ve probably thrown a tantrum, but since this is something i quite literally railroaded, i’m not going to be such a bitch. i mean, having been an editor myself, i’ve taken liberties on other people’s written works. but my writer’s sensibilities have mostly prevailed such that i don’t replace the author’s voice with my own. nonetheless, it isn’t exactly my first time to get published, and other better-known and far more competent editors have accepted my text without even touching a punctuation. so when i found strange phrases in the article, i was a little annoyed. but i kept telling myself: this is just the editor’s prerogative. but prerogative my foot! a badly edited well written article is just as worse as a badly written well edited article.

in the article as i had originally written it, i said:

But all that is part of a grand plan to hold the excitement long enough for you to make one loud “Wow!”

the editor, however, decided to add a phrase, and it now reads:

But all this was part of a grand plan to hold the excitement until the moment came for you to utter one loud “Wow!”

one need not have an english degree to see the error in that sentence. that’s just one of the things the editor did which sort of threw me off. i won’t say the article was murdered, or that what the editor did was literary sacrilege. but i somehow feel that the changes didn’t really improve on the original text, which ought to be the purpose of editing in the first place. and as i just showed, the changes may not have been good at all.

and to think that i still don’t have my GCs for these articles. oh well. i’m giving the editor one last chance. at least i get to do lifestyle topics. can’t wait to do the piece on gateway mall.
i can relate. though at least my piece was butchered by a high school editor and i was i high school. no less irritating though! i think.

u know what? i can't spot the editor's grammatical error. i get ur other point though; the edited version ain't you
if a writer gets overly concerned with rules of grammar, it's likely that he or she might unwittingly commit contextual mistakes, such as what the editor did in this instance. although the sentence appears to be grammatically correct -- and it is -- taken in the context of the article, the error becomes more personal than anything. the sentence, as edited, should really read: "but all this is part... until the moment comes..." because the phenomenon is real and true anytime. i wasn't really referring to my experience at the time i was there, but i was referring to what one will experience once he or she goes there. i guess the editor didn't see that. she might have tweaked the tenses, unified them, and voila!

now i'm not very high on grammatical rules myself, and would rather judge sentences by ear. and the sound the sentence makes doesn't quite appeal to me. that's basically how i know if a sentence is correct: listening to the sound it makes. strange, but it works. :D
hmmm... maybe i'll get a copy of citiguide. i like the gateway mall. not because its owned by dear family friends of mine but its really a shopping oasis in cubao. but the shops might not do so good there. its too pricey for the area.
don't worry. i still have more than 20 copies. i'll give you one. and about i like gateway too. if the newly opened bread talk is any indication of its popularity, then i think it's doing pretty well. :D