dramatic finishes

after a slew of weekend activities that dragged me to red box, the café of new world hotel, krocodile grill, coffee bean, IO, and finally the old swiss inn (i got home at past 6am of saturday), i braced for a second 15km run, this time at the fort. i wasn’t too concerned about the run since i figured i just might be running part of the way. was still feeling some complaints in the calves department, but my chief concern was helping alexis finish in under 2 hours. so i decided to skip badminton and spent the whole of saturday literally re-acquainting myself with my bed. on sunday morning, i was off for the fort to start the run. it was a balmy morning, with strips of ominous-looking dark clouds floating in the sombre sky. at 6am, we were off, and i was happy to find that other than myself, gilbert, che, lorrie, angie, chris and a lot of other guys were around to support alexis in whatever way possible. i was just there to provide comedy, really, and a bit of push. gilbert and i ran with him the entire length of the route, which took us running alongside the milo marathoners doing the national finals. gilbert had water with him which alexis generously used.

it was a really relaxed pace, and it was possible for me to talk without losing one’s breath the entire way, although alexis must’ve felt it was a bit of a chore. i must admit too that 100 meters from jollibee, my legs were starting to stiffen and when i proclaimed that i was having a cramp, people laughed it off like i was just joking. i was actually serious! finally, we pushed alexis past the line and he clocked a respectable 1 hour and 44 minutes. which is almost as fast as my pace in UPLB! next came barbara who was already crying. happy (who was on her way to turning really pale again) and beng followed soon after. i remember how emotional it was for her the last time, and it was no less emotional this time. so everyone’s done with the 15km run, and all in under 2 hours!

after that, we were led to believe that a meeting would be had at the makati parks, but it didn’t. so alexis, gilbert, and i finally ended up in robinson’s pioneer for lunch at mr choi’s kitchen. we of course invited malvin, our IC GL. it was alexis’ treat -- sort of a thanksgiving treat for finishing the 15km run! after that, alexis drove me to ava’s house because my sneakers were left inside her trunk. and we decided to see a movie at gateway mall. tim burton’s “corpse bride”. that was fun. even met janet, her mom, and arlen (made this joke about her pilot’s pin being darna’s headdress).

i got home at past 5 only to leave the house at 6pm for badminton at the zone in malugay. played lots of badminton -- by my fourth game, i was too tired to run after the shuttlecock. you don’t do a 15km run in the morning and then play 6 games in a row! i have to get better at this game. later, i’m playing again.
Hey, Aliman,

You forgot Mazas (tama ba spelling) remember with luni, marga and
me. he he he I think we should have another round of beer
at New World Hotel? he he he Joke.
ay oo nga, we had beer at masas (filipino cuisine). aba. kahit kailan i'll accept your invite to new world. hehe. at hindi joke yan!