too young for lawyering but too old for everything else

i finally got to meet with rhinitis’ mom over lunch today. she consulted me about putting up a corporation -- something i used to do regularly when i was still with a firm. as we were about to wrap things up, she remarked that i looked pretty young for a lawyer. i’m knocking on 30, but this is still something i regularly hear from people i’ve only just met. i always find that observation a little funny, because i imagine they might expect lawyers to be in their mid or late 30s, at the very least. when i entered law school, the average age of my blockmates might have been anywhere between 22 and 23 years old, although we had someone who was only 19 at the time. he was young then, and still was when he passed the bar at 24. in my case, i was just at the right age, since i turned 22 after two months of law school. although it really felt as if i turned a decade older. the odd thing is that i’m always mistaken for someone who is much older when i have my other hats on.
it's because you're brilliant hahahah.

my current blockmates thought i was just as old as they were until i told them i wasn't (i'm at least a decade older). haba hair ko.
was about to say thank you, kaso may "hahahah". hehe.

siguro dyosa ka rin, gumagamit ng pantene, kaya haba ng hair mo. :D
just a question...
if i want a my marriage annulled, what should i do? (this is a hypothetical question, coz i'm not married)
Re: just a question...
the first thing you should do is consult with a lawyer... fo real. there might not be enough space here to discuss the issues. besides, the word "annul" is the term used by laypersons to refer to the dissolution of the marriage, but they are likely to have other ideas on mind. there are at least two ways of having a marriage dissolved, either by having it annulled if it is voidable, or going the psychological incapacity under art. 36 route: declaration of nullity. if your marraige is bigamous, you can also have it declared null and void. remember, this is different from voidable... legally, only voidable marriages (defect in the formal and essential requisites, lack of consent, etc.) can be annulled. there are other ways too, like presumptive death (your spouse disappears without contact for a prolonged period of time (either 1 year or 2 years depending on the circumstances). this is pretty basic. good luck. hope i answered your hypothetical question sufficiently. :D