a sad day

this is a sad day for the environment. this is a sad day for our children. this is a sad day for our children’s children who will inherit the earth.

i had to endure the motherhood statements and histrionics of this laguna judge for a few minutes as i stood there, right after i moved for the provisional dismissal of the case for failure of my witnesses to appear repeatedly in this illegal logging case. the judge, of course, is not privy to the reason why the department was not interested in the prosecution of the case. his speech continued, and he said something about playing in the forests of our land. the stenographer raised a brow as she failed to take down most of what the honorable judge was saying. i wanted to butt in and say: just dismiss the damn thing so i can go home! calamba, after all, is at least and hour from manila. “let the office of the president and the office of the ombudsman be furnished a copy of this order”, he finally said. then, he turned to me and remarked that the case would be revived once SMTD reads the copy of the order. wanna bet? i wonder whatever happened to his warning the last time that he’ll have the order published in a full-page advertisement in a newspaper, no matter if it costs him his entire month’s salary. i hate it when people growl with paper tigers.