record holder

okay, so i just helped break a world record. make that two world records. or maybe even three. first, there’s the world’s longest dinner buffet. then there’s the world’s longest empty table. and probably the world’s biggest gyp! i mean, i had to fork out 300 freakin’ fifty pesos to get really thin omelet (no matter if it’s from heaven and eggs) and plain pancit! goodness, i swear. either i was with 5,999 other social climbers, or the shocking chaos at the tables proves my theory that middle class folks act just as pedestrian (okay, let’s not pull punches here, what i really mean is, jologs, as in bottom-of-the-barrel, rugby-sniffing PG) when hungry. here they are jockeying for a slice of cheesecake. transport the people at eastwood to edsa with just the same level of dissatisfaction and gloria would for certain be ousted. haha! so i’m getting refunds for me and my friends. i’d better write guinness about this and make sure this does not become an official record. too bad though, because i missed many of the other records made in manila: world’s most number of kissing couples, world’s biggest photo collage, world’s filthiest river... and i was really hungry too!

good thing i’ve started carboloading for apo since last week. i was with lowell and melissa the other night. we had dinner at heaven and eggs in tomas morato. i had singaporean chicken with three sauces. the food was really good! i recommend it to everyone! after dinner, we moved to coffee bean for some tea latte, then spent the rest of the evening singing our hearts out at music 21. of course melissa, the singer that she is (she auditioned and qualified for miss saigon), belted some classics. i experimented with a few new songs, like martin’s “kahit isang saglit”, and i may have increased my repertoire. hehe. of course lowell also sang his regulars, and i introduced him to sanmig strong ice. yeah! it was a fun evening. melissa, lowell, and i were seatmates almost all throughout freshman year in law school. melissa then left for the US and stayed there for over 2 years, but is now back in manila, and also back in law school. i remember she won the most number of votes for “sexiest female” (i was fifth in “kaibigan ng bayan” -- the only freshie in the list, hehe) in our annual malcolm madness survey. friends. gotta love them.
"Bottom-of-the-barrel, rugby-sniffing PG" has got to be the best description ever. Hahaha!
Re: Hahaha!
haha. and i was concerned someone out there might chastise me for the use of "jologs". but pardon the use of the word. it really looked like that at eastwood last saturday.
hahahaha i purposely didn't go to that buffet thing because i was worried about getting food poisoning.

sanmig strong ice is yum. not like that fartwater sanmig lite.