some errands

i accompanied janet earlier to run a few errands and one of her stops was a dive shop. i got ava one of those waterproof hard cases and i ended up buying new IST swimming goggles for myself. i’d be needing them when we go swimming either in saranggani or siargao after our apo climb. funny thing is that last sunday, after our final pre-climb at greenbelt 3’s my cinema, and after alexis, ava, gilbert and i did our preliminary shopping for our meal plan, i found this sign hanging inside toby’s at podium. i think this search engine might have a bone to pick with this brand. and it was a really big sign too! just before that, i saw another sign which read: “we sale montessori products”. yeesh! murder in the first.

and oh, one of our dogs is in heat. unfortunately, someone has to teach vince what goes into where. i think he’s so domesticated, his animal instincts have left him!