last night was most unusual for me. early on, chito invited me to drop by their office so we could go to gamboa carpark together. i went to transco to find the boys just about ready to pack up for the day. it was just before 5pm, but the IT guys there were busy finding distractions. before we left, they had started playing counterstrike. few guys were doing anything work-related. i also received a call from mamu who was asking about johnbee's party on saturday.

i had decided early on that i won't be running. the pain i've been feeling in my legs has diminished to an appreciable degree and i actually look a lot more normal than i did these past few days. however, i was in no condition to jog for an hour, or even more. the weather was on my side when a steady downpour prevented all of us from doing anything physical. we just proceeded with the post-climb. my piece went something like this:

"when we climb, we are not competing against anyone, save ourselves. it's not about being the strongest, or being the fastest. it's all about enjoying nature. now it's not right for anyone to compare. when your patience is running thin, it won't help if someone tells you 'you guys are so slow, pa petiks petiks lang kayo', when in fact we're pausing and stopping because we really are very tired."

i was unfortunately asked who i may have been referring to, and i had to say it was jay who said that nasty thing during the last 355 steps up to the road in barlig. he denied having said anything to that effect, and even tried to wiggle out of the situation. i was listening to the audio book on how to win friends and influence people recently, and there was something about criticism being met by justification. that was exactly what happened there. i may have hurt jay's feelings, because we really are close, and this may have made a dent in our relationship as really good friends. i hope he's mature though to appreciate the criticism as constructive.

after the post-climb, we proceeded to dinner at chow king. before long, we were deciding where to drink, and ended up in cowboy grill in mabini. the highlights of the night was the belly-dancing, voice-curling vocalist of one of the bands, as well as the silly antics of the kooljacks. we had three barrels and a pitcher of san mig draft beers. now i have a very bad experience with this beer, and in so far as beers are concerned, i find this one to be the most bitter. i absolutely find it disgusting, but of course, that didn't prevent me from having a few mugs. the boys, including rolly, had a wild time ogling at the pretty vocalist and her gyrations, as well as some dancing of our own, of course.

but just before we called it a night, tragedy struck. rolly's phone was stolen while he was at the dance floor. he had a suspect, but the young man had just left the building. we all went out to find the culprit, and after a little while, we saw him walking along mabini. the boys proceeded to confront him, but he ran, and dennis and edgar quickly gave chase. i, on the other hand, stood firmly under the shade of the big umbrella of the cigarette vendor (it was drizzling), and allowed the more brusque guys to do the pursuit. i think i said something like, i'm a lawyer and i don't do chases. now that's a pretty lame excuse, i admit. yes, i confess to being a lily-livered chicken (if there is such an idiom), but i don't think there was a lot i could have done given the circumstances. i knew i would just have ended up hurting myself, and sure enough, while running after the thief, edgar slipped and hurt himself. i really am helpless and useless in these adrenalin-pumping situations.

rolly's series of unfortunate misfortunes (what?) may have been brought about by us. we've been bringing him to all sorts of places when he could've just stayed behind, in the comforts of his own home, free from the forces of evil. oh well.

eventually, we returned to cowboy grill, having gone as far as luneta, and decided to go home, having failed in retrieving rolly's phone. i got home at past 4am. my mom and dad were just about to text me. they were getting ready to go to the market. the puppies were all over me and in their excitement, even soiled my shirt and pants.