5 days in a row

tonight will be the fifth straight day that there will be a significant amount of alcohol in my bloodstream. johnbee is hosting a party at his place in makati. since last tuesday, in gerry's grill, i have been out having three bottles too many with my pilipinas sierra buddies. i have never done anything remotely resembling this in my young life as an alcoholic. late in the afternoon, i went to robinson's to get something for my new inaanak. since i like taz of the looney tunes, i got him a shirt and a jumper. he's currently 3 months old. given a few more months, he'll fit into the clothes i bought. last night, i went to levi's house for dinner and a business proposal. it was another one of those things which i have a natural aversion for: sales and networking.

i wasn't able to finish the presentation because i had to leave quick to meet dong at cubao. we proceeded to miah's house for another round of drinks. miah lives in marikina, a place i have scarcely visited, and he has promised more sessions with the group. i got home past 3am already.

early this morning i was roused by a series of text messages. jr has resumed his love affair with intoxication; rolly, dong and myra were impatiently awaiting the dump truck to their tree planting activity; and i was thinking about how i'd manage to run 10km around the CCP later.

i remember remarking to someone that i don't get the point of drinking or at least drinking excessively, but that is what i have been doing of late. it almost always makes you feel terrible. most alcoholic drinks taste awful, to begin with. i find beer extremely bitter, and everything between gin and vodka makes me cringe indescribably. which is why i have been drunk only a few times in the past. there was also an instance during law school when sir muyot, my crim professor, asked how many bottles of beer it takes before i'm drunk. i said, beer doesn't intoxicate me. vodka does. he asked, is that real vodka, and i said, absolut. we were discussing the alternative circumstance of intoxication. i was buying time because i was not prepared for the discussion.