a weekend of firsts

over the weekend, i got to do many things that once only belonged to the realm of the imagination.

friday was the christmas party of AMCI. the theme was hawaiian luau, and janet and i had the most unfortunate burden of putting everything together. many of the batchmates offered little cooperation in the way of contributing for the expenses of the party, and much less was given in the way of helping out with everything else. so between janet and myself, you can imagine how stressful the hours before the party were. i swore i’d clobber anyone with anything disparaging to say about the party because i’d worked my ass off on this and janet has slaved many hours as well.

in spite of that, the stress slowly ebbed away, and i was jolly enough when they gave me a “mr bibbo award” for my outstanding “entertainment value.” we also had a dance number to the pussycat dolls’ “don’t cha”. rizza choreographed the thing and it was prologued by some hawaiian dance. all in all, the party at cutebalddiver’s mom’s greenhills residence was ok. we were quite literally flooded by beer (the floor got so wet as the night wore on), and lots of people appeared to be drunk.

the following day, i still had to leave for a batch climb to gulugod baboy. ava backed out all of a sudden and i entertained the prospect of sleeping alone in my tent. the trip to anilao, though, was foreboding: the rain poured, and it promised to be a wet climb. sure enough, the trail, though nothing nearly as challenging as our training climbs, was rather slippery. being the trail master and all, i reached the summit first and in a little over an hour. my load though was much heavier than what i took with me to apo. the summit was surrounded by a thick gray blanket. it seemed as if an oversupply of clouds moved over the campsite at amazing speed. the wind was furious, and the air was damp. nonetheless, my tent stood there like a sentinel.

after sunset, it began to rain and people quickly lost interest in cooking. since i still had generous space in the vestibule, i prepared our food, and just as i finished, the rain stopped. but the wind didn’t. so we had dinner even as this unseen force kept pushing us. it wasn’t cold, but the wind was just terrible. we had lots of gin, which sank easily because of the weather. we had two thai guests with us and i entertained them without much prodding. i also stood as kuya mar’s interpreter. pretty soon, i had no idea what was going on. last thing i remember was that happy was speaking to me in pure spanish. only the following day did i find out that i passed out. i fell on the cake, and marlon had to assist-to-walk me back to my tent. i pulled both of us down to the ground and he injured his pinky. i slept with my headlamp still on and around my head. that morning, i got to see the carnage of the wind. gilbert’s tentpoles broke. and the only pole that held the tent that nestor and marlon shared also broke. they couldn’t sleep after that. angel also discovered what a tent’s bathtub floor is for. it was flooded inside! i failed to experience any of these since my talus was mighty and strong against those 100kph winds, even without guylines. this tent really is on steroids!

after that we proceeded to the dagondon rest house in anilao. and there the raspa guys were waiting for us. they’d decided not to climb anymore given the inclement weather. i think vince had something to say about their decision (”dyan mo malalaman kung sino ang tunay na mountaineer”). anyway, after breakfast, we engaged in a few water sports. niel’s dad loaned him one of his jetskis, and i finally got to try it, although didn’t fully appreciate it since we had to drag a banana boat and we had a learner’s key which only allowed the jetski to travel at 50kph max. i also kayaked with gilbert then later dennis. i like it! i passed up on this chance when i was in dos palmas. glad i got to try it this time. i also attempted wakeboarding but that wasn’t a success at all! and i didn’t even dare try windsurfing. who knows where that’ll take me.

we chilled for awhile and left anilao late in the afternoon. we had a small tour before we found ourselves back on the shorter route to home.

all in all, it was a fun weekend which allowed me to do a lot of things.
angel also discovered what a tent’s bathtub floor is for. it was flooded inside!and angel passed the tent pitching in the skills test? hahahaha... i was suppose to dive that sunday and surprise you guys but decided against it because of the weather. but you did a good job at the party. and i fell injuring my dainty left arm hahahaha
i don't think it had to do much with angel's tent-pitching skills. the tent wasn't in a very good condition to begin with. hehe. you should've gone to anilao despite the weather. arlene was also there. i hope your falling wasn't the organizer's fault. that was a pretty mean scratch on your elbow. dainty elbow, that is.
Hahaha! Thanks, Alman! It's true, that tent should be retired already, although in fairness, it lasted through TC 1, 2, and 3! Good thing our Thai friends were too drunk to notice the water in the tent. They slept soundly while Tads and I sat and almost froze to death! Haha! They had a great time (partly thanks to your entertainment skills, of course) and they said they would definitely do it again! :) -angel-
if u've tried wake-boarding
wind-surfing will be ok! it's easier. and they've got those wide boards for beginners. in less than 20 mins, u can be riding the waves. ;)
Re: if u've tried wake-boarding
really? it looked hard. may had a hard time. and dyake and dennis couldn't maneuver the thing. i'd be very scared left in the middle of balayan bay hoping someone would fetch me. haha.
waaaah was supposed to be in anilao last sat-sun but my friends cancelled because of the weather. kayaking is fun (it's the only thing i can do on the water since i can't swim), but always leave enough energy for the trip back ;) a couple of people i know went all the way across the bay and had to be picked up later on because they were so tired.