mountains and monotony: looking back at 2k5

from michiko622
Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that’s your “Year In Review”:

January - it took a lot of effort on my part to play the part of the scrooge and the grouch this holiday season when i refused to respond to the forwards a whole bunch of friends and strangers sent to me.

February - i stayed awake through most of friday night till early saturday morning preparing for my climb and beach with AMCI’s B2K2.

March - jay and i had agreed to meet at 9.30pm at the bus station, but at past 7pm, i was locked in the office still, while the little assistant secretary laid down some confidential cards on the table, like a tactician gripped by the immense power of his delegated authority.

April - early march, i received an SMS from melay, asking me if i was interested in joining ykamo’s bicol XP.

May - how do you deal with a mountain infinitely bigger than your imagination?

June - i showed up at court this morning, and i was more interested in getting some shuteye above everything else, but this statement from the fiscal really woke me up: madam witness, when you were still practicing your profession as a cigarette vendor...

July - i saw two movies last night.

August - i think mosscake is in a better position to bitch about this subject, but this morning’s run was probably the worst since AMCI training started.

September - stolen from michiko622. notice that in the last year, i’ve never made an entry between 4am and 6am.

October - at around 5pm of wednesday, i was pushing down a big cart in SM megamall while i tried to collect my thoughts for my long final exam.

November - this might sound like a tall tale, but i actually almost blew up a PAL flight.

December - i have heard of this, quote, secret, unquote, trail -- though i actually prefer the word preferential -- long before i joined AMCI, and i was most intrigued by it, so much that i hoped it would be my first climb after the BMC training.

AMCI training, mountaineering, my legal career. and i used to think my life was interesting. haha.
not too many people do the things you do or do the things we do. besides your funny even when your not drunk. hahahahaha.... so how did your interpretation go with Kuya Mar and the Thais? I would have loved to be there!
very true
except that i expected i'd be talking about many other things. come to think of it, i do many other things, but it's possible i do them sometime in the middle of the month. haha.

well my job as translator lasted till the following day. i'm actually quite used to it. i interpreted for pitsa when we saw "ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros". here's some trivia for you. kuya bogs and kuya boy are on their way to stardom. they're both on the fantaserye "etheria". yes, i watched the pilot episode. haha.