hunting season

so i’m being pirated again. my headhunter submitted my résumé to a US-based law firm that’s looking for an administrative officer who’s also a lawyer to take charge of a global practice group, specifically in securities transactions. i haven’t the foggiest what this all means, but i was the only one interviewed and they’ve made an offer, apparently very impressed with my acumen for the written word. i’ve passed up on an opportunity to work in a private firm not just once before and i’m not too keen nor excited on this one either, despite the fact that the offer’s so much better than what i’m receiving now... well, come to think of it, any other company will be able to exceed what the government’s paying me. but none of them will be able to match the freedom and the stress-free environment that government work allows me to have. you’ll be milked for every centavo you get, so to speak.

the only draw this offer has is the fact that it’ll involve travel. lots of travel. abroad. plus, it’s an advantage to have a “virtual” boss -- not someone who’s breathing down your neck, but who’ll only speak to you on scheduled tele-conferences. hmmm... so how to decide? the life i’ve lived the past year will change drastically and dramatically once i shift gears, again. so i hope i see a sign, or something, to help me choose. i’m extremely surprised to find that money doesn’t make my world go around, and that i have many other considerations. of course, that doesn’t mean i’m a better person than everyone else.
actually, this got me really interested. haha. still waiting for a sign of some sort. :D
you think so? a lot of people have told me the same thing. thanks moss! miss na kita!
i say go! you can always go back to goverment work later but the money you'll earn and the experience in securities transactions will help you later. you'll be doing a lot of work for financial services firms like insurance companies, banks, stock brokerages, investment banks, mutual funds etc...
and also travel and the opportunity to work with other people from other cultures. (the indians are the worst! hahaha generally but not all)