itching to write again

so i signed my offer sheet with baker & mckenzie today and i’m still rather surprised i did. like i said, i wasn’t blown away by the offer at all, and i hoped i would be. but then it’s a lot better than what i’m currently getting. still, as long as i haven’t started, i have time to think about about it further. so that meant i left the office at 1pm and reappeared nearly 4 hours later. my stuff’s still here, that’s good, but hardly anyone’s left in the office. everyone sneaking out early for some last minute shopping i would suppose. i wish i could do more of that. shopping, that is. but yeah, life here in the office is good. i’m going to miss this, actually. on my way back from fort bonifacio, i dropped by robinson’s pioneer and bought one of the last TEKK lexan cutlery (which the storehand pronounced cat-leh-ree) sets. i actually already have one but seem to have misplaced the fork. and i want to spite someone with it. i mean if there’s one thing i dislike the most, it’s to be accused of stealing. not a good joke at all. and it’s worse when you broadcast your suspicion over a yahoogroup.

anyway, i recently found out through cynophobia that fully booked and neil gaiman are presenting the 1st philippine graphic/fiction awards. i am very interested in this, notwithstanding the fact that i have a very limited speculative fiction (borrowing a term my once mentor butch dalisay used in his latest column) background. well, there’s tolkien and to a certain extent, wells, garcía márquez, and gamalinda to draw from. fantasy and sci-fi really are not my genres. i think this is going to be magic realism more than anything else. i really just want some reason to write again. i’m currently trying to think of story concepts. i hope i pull this one off.