test run

i took my new toy for a few shoots the other day at sir manny’s 50th birthday. yes, merry christmas to me, so there. i don’t know 2/3 of its features yet -- the manual is just so long and requires some memory work -- but i like the results. reyferbs and i took some nice mug shots of the people at sir manny’s party, thanks to the soft pale cast of the ambient light and my seldom-used but amazing 50mm lens. here are some of those photos.
Ganon! Well according to my fans "May a thousand fleas infest your armpits and pubic hair this New Year's Eve!"
your/my shots :)
nice pix you have here atty. alman... yup yup 50mm standard lenses continue to amaze even the experienced photographers especially the ones with bigger than f/2 apertures... maximize your new gift, your handsome 70D... there's only one way to improve your craft... shoot everyday... maybe at least 50 shots... kaya ba? :) enjoy shooting....
Re: Naks!
i have the D70s. would've have been fine with a D70 but it's no longer available in hidalgo. ;D
Re: Naks!
Tried both the D70 and the D70s. Personally, the D70s "feels" better. Ah, but I have my eyes set on the D200.