rumor mongering

last week, i bumped into one of my UP law blockmates in the mall. he had just come from work, and was predictably decked in a barong, whereas i was dressed down to a shirt and jeans. after the usual greetings that people who have not seen each other for some time exchange, he accosted me with some of the news that’s been circulating in our block. he said, with eyes flashing with some wild discovery, and i wasn’t sure whether it was to inform me or to confirm what he had heard, that a homosexual classmate now had a wife and that another rabidly homophobic classmate was now living in with a boyfriend. talk about twists, huh? he narrated these stories to me with the acumen of a gossip writer: with only the barest of clues that you might find in a blind item. he even tried to see if i could guess their identities. i cocked my head sideways, crossed my hands across my chest, and listened to him with curiosity. no, what he told me wasn’t news to me at all, but what i was more interested in, was how this successful young lawyer, who doubles as a husband and young father of four could be frivolous enough to be very concerned with the details of the lives of other people. in short, i was shocked that he was being very, well, chismoso.

and there lies the rub, i would suppose. people are inclined to think that anything i hear or know might be easily passed on to all and sundry, since, after all, i am very glib. but to spill the beans on the lives -- secret or otherwise -- of other people is something that i don’t particularly take pleasure in. i speak about facts that are public, yes, but not those which those concerned might as well keep under wraps. i already knew as fact what my blockmate simply thought were rumors, but i felt no compulsion to share them with anyone. what good would that do anyway? there are things that i know and which i keep to myself. even if i don’t talk about other people, i still wouldn’t run out of interesting things to say.
yo alman dude! :) yuletide greetings! :) mukhang kilala ko -- yung nantsismis sayo that is, hahaha. anyways tama ka, hindi na mahalaga kung sino yung mga tinutukoy ni mister tsisms. mas mahalaga na masaya sila sa kanilang mga napiling buhay. kahit na ba may inkling ako kung sinu-sino yung mga yun, why bother, di ba?

hope to see ya round, cheers! :)
ey jing! did i just inadvertently spread the "rumor" by posting it here? hahaha. to a blockmate like you, this would read like a blind item, would it not? but true. whatever floats your boat, i always say. basta masaya sila at wala silang sinasaktan, suportahan taka. and i wouldn't exert much effort to make things known. unless of course that person asks me, di ba? haha.
I Know Who . . .
Hey Al, Hey Jing,

I know who "accosted" you, as well as who the subjects of the chismis are. Haha. I do agree with you Al, one does not need to talk about other people just to have an interesting conversation. But I think that his eagerness to learn things from you can be explained by the fact that our block hasn't really gotten together after we passed the bar. And admit it, you are beople's Mr. PR. Except for those of us who have stayed in touch all this time, I for one have no idea what has happened to the rest of beople.