the house is a stinking mess/ninong alman

part 1

cute as they are, the puppies have to go. i came home early sunday morning with my senses heightened by the overdose of 80 proof ginebra san miguel, and found some parts of the house a stinking mess. my dad was mopping the floor and grumbling about the stench the puppies leave. they've crept into corners our conventional mop could not reach, and the smell snapped me out of my overdue hangover. i plopped down on my bed and started thinking about what had just happened. and it started coming back, like the first light from the sunrise...


i left for the CCP at around quarter to 4pm. i was confident i'd make it before 5, probably with time to spare for some shots around the baywalk. traffic, however, had a different idea, and i was late for a few minutes. i slipped into my running attire, and a little while later, the sierra people started arriving. by 6pm, there were only 4 of us: myself, judith, edgar, and miah. jr was out of commission, and the other guys were just unavailable. we proceeded with our run, and i was surprisingly in good form. my ankles started to show signs of weakness as we were doing our rounds at the luneta grandstand, and so i decided to sprint the rest of the way, basically to get it over with. despite my history of lackluster runs, i was able to improve my pace, and finished the 10km route in less than an hour. now when's the next marathon?

after our run, we took off for guijo, makati, and found the place already teeming with a group of ravenous alcoholics. the sierra folks were ready to wolf down the bounty prepared by my pañero. i had more than my fair share of the food, because the run had made me hungrier than usual. after a little while, the clear white poison was making its rounds, and although i had made every possible excuse to avoid it, i had more than what i could handle. surprisingly though, i wasn't as drunk as i had expected, because the hangover kicked in before my senses were clouded. the headache was terrible.

as the night grew older, people started excusing themselves, and we quickly found ourselves at johnbee's home, identifying spaces to sleep in. i secured a corner on the airbed, and quickly fell asleep, not after popping a pill for the pain. i woke up at 630am to get ready for the christening.

part 2
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i got home at around 830am and debated whether i should go to the christening. i suddenly regretted not declining the invitation to be a ninong (here's a list of godparents), but there's supposed to be a custom which says it's not entirely good to say no. i wasn't in my best as i lay on my bed thinking about what to do. my body was wanting more sleep. i asked alex through text if he was going, and he said he would if i did. so off i went. i was in christ the king just after 10am. i hate it when traffic does nothing to hinder you. i was outside the main church for a while, wondering when the binyag would take place. it was actually already underway at a chapel below. i took pictures, as usual, which was a good thing, because kenneth's brother's 180k olympus digital camera was not to be relied upon.

after the short ritual, we proceeded to congo grill in el pueblo (i actually gave wrong instructions to alexis). i deposited my gift on the table, and felt a little small since there were really huge boxes there. lunch consisted of some local favorites: basically, cholesterol-rich food which i didn't know congo carried. good thing alex was there, since i was wanting conversation. after lunch, i left and got home to get some much needed sleep.
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ivan sent me a text message today, which is kind of weird. he says a friend of his misses me, and i don't even remember having met that person. haven't heard from him in a while. but it was also a little serendipitous since i might be in wawa, montalban, soon, for an article.

when i woke up, i was looking for dinner. the stench had left, although the puppies were still around. i went out to buy a can of pineapple chunks and took bulak with me. she was a blockbuster hit. if only they knew what she was capable of.