some random recollections

okay, so last tuesday’s run wasn’t my best in many months, but at least i finished in decent time. funny thing is that most of us guys came in our black adidas king of the road shirts. it looked like a sponsored event. also, planning for this 5-day climb is getting me really stressed. i have to deal with 2 really choosy girls who want to stuff themselves in my tent for some reason. and there’s the matter of load distribution. being GL doesn’t make this necessarily easier. i’m not going to be like other members who offload stuff to us just because we were inductees/trainees. everyone has to carry his or her share of the burden. well anyway, i finished the design for the IC shirt in about 20 minutes, and i’m crossing my fingers that they’d be finished by tuesday morning. as always, a buzzer beater.

the AMCI election is well underway and we’ve actually had people filing within the deadline. all this is volunteer work, and i hate it when people dictate things to you (they don’t suggest, which is all wrong). this, most definitely, is the last time i’m going to head a committee. and that’s not because i don’t like doing it, but because i may no longer have much of a choice -- work is going to change vastly in a few days, but i fear i might not be able to start feb 1, what with the election coming a day before, and still loads of work to do at the office, plus hearings no one else can attend. i have such a talent for procrastination!

yesterday, i got to have some photos taken with my D70s printed. the details are fantastic, although i can see a marked difference from film. others don’t seem to notice the distinction, but i do. turning to digital also makes you less disciplined since instant reviews tell you whether you’ve taken a good photo or not. i like the suspense in traditional film photography. it’s so much more unpredictable, and relies heavily on skill, rather than a trial-and-error approach. i haven’t had an amazing shot since getting my D70s! of course i haven’t used it much other than for people photography. i have to enroll in an advanced digital photography class (assuming i’ve learned the basics in the course of taking photos these last few years).

and this is just part of what i plan to do this year, which include getting certified as a diver, taking up swimming lessons, going independent, upgrading my iBook, replacing my iPod, finishing a story, writing (or finishing) 1 or more poems, watching less TV, going back to the gym. i don’t really make resolutions or any of that sort, but i come up with a list of things to do or accomplish. anyway, i have to get used to waking up really early again, so i better get some sleep soon. plus a new bed! my back’s been hurting lately!
if you ever decide to dive, dont ever make the mistake of being PADI certified. get a NAUI certification. talk to me about it.
Ha! Shouldn't you feel flattered that two gorgeous girls want to sleep in your tent? Kidding aside, it's not just about being choosy-- we've climbed together lots of times without my sleeping in your tent and I think it's high time that I finally do so. Call me sentimental, I just want to be able to say that I've slept in the tent you asked Omar to buy for you in the U.S. (on my "probably" last climb for the year).