working class

there's free coffee and iced tea in the pantry. of course i don't care much for coffee, but i'm a regular of the iced tea.

i have unlimited broadband access to the internet. friendster, yahoo mail, and yahoo groups, however, are blocked.

i only have a virtual boss, who holds office in chicago, and he was on leave the last couple of days, leaving me with only a few things to do. it's cool not having anyone breathing down your neck.

i have a flexible 9-hour work shift (including a 1-hour lunch break). which means i can show up at work at 1pm! and go home at 10pm. the fort shuttle service, however, ends before 10pm.
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Hey Alman! Knowing that financial rewards have not been a lure to you, I hope you find fulfillment in your new job. This said, since you seem to be having so much fun elsewhere, not finding happiness in the workplace hardly seem that bad. At any rate, albeit mediocrity has never been your signature in any thing you lay your hands on, give this job you best, okay? I wouldnt want to hear of you singing in the corridors this time. I hope I can be around when you give your treat after your first pay check. All the best! -Lowell
Re: Congratulations
i actually just got the first paycheck! nothing to crow about, really, but it's an improvement. haha. when are you coming back anyway? has your extension been approved already? i miss you. we miss you. badly!

you're right about finding happiness elsewhere. i'm already trying to separate work from personal fulfillment. of course it would be ideal if you do what you do because you like it, but not everyone's blessed with such rare opportunities. maybe if i finally put up my own company, dabbling in photography, travel, adventure, environmental consultancy, events management, legal services, publication, design... hirap talaga nang sobrang daming talents. absolutely no focus! haha.
Re: Congratulations
Yes, you sure are one hell of a talented creature! Never met quite anyone as gifted. And the last two times we had videoke, I noticed how your singing has improved too. Being talented has its banes though -- as you said, having no focus. I am still in Canada. I wish I can just stay here for good. Just got back from a three-day tour of Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec. Im flying home on March 7 and leaving for Australia about a week after that. See you and Ava! I miss you and Ava too! Maybe I should start a blog of my own.... -Lowell
Re: Congratulations
Yo Lowell. Alman hasn't made libre yet-- come home soon so we can celebrate. We both miss you! It's more fun when you're here-- Alman can be quite self-absorbed at times (you know how he is!). --Ava
ah the benefits of working in the private sector. free coffee, iced tea and internet abeit no friendster, yahoo. enjoy it while it lasts. the work is going to swamp you soon... bwahahahahahhaha... miss me?
we also had free coffee and internet back in the government. and you could search for porn since virtually no sites are blocked. and the IT people aren't as sophisticated as the guys here. this place is so IT savvy! and security is paranoid! it's impressive as well.

of course naman miss ka namin. pero i want to see you lang so you can show off your new iPod video! nanakawin ko yan, i swear! haha. i hope more work would come soon, para naman ma-convince yung boss ko to send me to chicago or something. haha. :D