star struck in the circle

i went back to the gym after a week's absence, and discovered that my weight is continuing its plunge. i'm now below 140lbs, and i think it may have something to do with nutrition. i even felt a little weak as i worked on my pecs and my lats. at one point, i noticed that there were several people looking at me, and i remarked "ano ba yan, they're staring," or presumptuous words to that effect. i only later realized that they were just looking at my general direction, but not at me directly. apparently, star circle quester joross was seated beside me, working out.

admittedly, the guy is just a little more good looking than i am... [stabbing feeling in the chest]. he was wearing a cap, jogging pants, a black tank top, and a snotty, gosh-i'm-famous-they-all-want-to-get-my-autograph look (i've actually felt that way many times in the past). i'm a little taller than he is, which doesn't necessarily make me ramp model material, and his mouth really is always open. now that's pretty observant for someone who didn't spend 20 seconds to check out the guy.

i must admit that i am always a little star struck, but when i see these celebrity types in the gym, i really just pretend they're not there. i'm like, can they even pronounce pronunciation correctly? i finished my workout in my usual record time (it helps when you don't know too many people in the gym), and promptly went home. i ate dinner twice, since i was just too concerned about my dwindling weight. i have to pack the carbs again.

tomorrow will be a make-up run at the fort. i just might find myself there.