to occupy my idle time

last week, while i filled my idle time at the office surfing the web for useless information, i did research on the limatik -- a kind of terrestrial leech which inhabits mossy forests in mountains like halcon and makiling, and as we discovered less than 3 weeks ago, the ambaguio side of pulag. in the process, i encountered a nice word: sanguivorous, or blood-sucking. i can't wait to use it on my next ordinary conversation, like, "oh shut up you sanguivorous little bitch".

i also did some research on this rare skin condition called prurigo nodularis which afflicts me. i went to a dermatologist last december and she diagnosed my condition as such, and prescribed a few things only for a maximum of 2 or 3 weeks. it helped initially, but when i stopped after 2 weeks, the itching and the small bumps returned. although i was scheduled to go visit her again, i decided against it since i felt she probably wouldn't be able to give me much help other than to suggest i continue on another similar regimen. besides, i think her P500 consultation fee is too much for something which lasted no more than 10 minutes. and she insisted i buy her own home-made products which didn't help at all. is it just me or is my general distrust of overpriced doctors and dentists true? so anyway, i resorted to the internet instead and found out that my less than 10 nodules are mild compared to others who suffer with more than 200 nodules all over their bodies, mostly in the limbs. mine were triggered mosty by insect and limatik bites, and a few of them have survived more than a couple of months, leaving some really nasty, ugly scars near my ankles. i've probably had a total of more than 20 since i took up mountaineering, and now only a few remain, and after some self-medication (inspired by the various testimonies of other prurigo "sufferers" in other parts of the world), my condition has vastly improved. the strange thing is that if i skip just one dosage of my topical and oral steroids, the bumps become dramatically itchy, and can get really inflamed! well, there go my chances of qualifying for an international sporting event! i'd fail a doping test for sure.

anyway, the doctor has suggested that if i want to avoid getting more of the PN, i might as well avoid getting bit by insects, i.e., quit mountaineering. fat chance i'd do that. an alternative, she says, is that i arm myself with anti-histamines. damn these allergies! anyway, now all i have to deal with are getting rid of some of these scars. they're pretty small, actually, but if more than 10 converge just above your sock-line, they can make you pretty conscious. malvin, if only he knew the emotional burden of many people who suffer from PN abroad, has repeatedly joked that i had leprosy or something. anyway, i'm now interested in exploring some effective scar treatments. i wonder if the rose hip scar remover advertised over on channel 5 is worth its salt. i'd like to try that but i hate to be disappointed.