about the last weekend

here’s the recipe:

5 lung-busting ballads on karaoke
4 successive shots of fundador (no chasers)
7 cans of san mig light
2 shots of cossack vodka laced with sili
10 shots of gilbey’s gin

instructions: start out with a swig of beer, then in between cans, insert -- in no particular order -- the successive fundador shots, the cossack vodka, the gilbey’s gin. in the meantime, sing your lung-busting ballads (“this is the moment”, “be my lady”, “kahit isang saglit”, etc.). mix well. serves 1 long, swirling headache.

this is how i felt when i woke up sunday morning after the AMCI anniversary revelries which lasted till early morning. early the previous day, i left the house with my backpack and an ice chest filled with seafood. i put together a small meal plan for ykamo. small didn’t necessarily mean we shouldn’t feast. my brother and my dad drove me to jollibee where i met with roland, then later janet and carlo. we picked up may along C-5, and before long, we were cruising at moderate speeds towards san juan in batangas. we were supposed to make a brief stop at the public market to stock on supplies. but brief became extended and i think people thought we may have been casing the joint because we made at least 4 rounds looking for ice. janet’s group prepared halo-halo and they sold it at P20 a glass.

when we got to camp laiya, i was shocked at how intense the sun was. i don’t remember it was possible for it to be that hot. anyway, it was a long afternoon, and i gingerly went about preparing my group’s food, basting the tilapia, tuna belly, and bangus, and wrapping them in foil. by 4pm, there were still no signs of the bikers. i was just so preoccupied with food prep that i hardly had any time to take photos or go around. the only thing i was able to do was use the flying fox. that was hardly exciting at all. i wanted to be scared shit. the rusty carabiner failed to provide that.

at around 5pm, is started grilling the fish. i would do this till after 7pm when we started on dinner. aside from the lechon, there was squid, pancit, and a lot of other things. the AMCI anniversary rites started early in the evening. since not all the batches were represented, some of us handled their sulôs and proclaimed “batch xxxx, we are here and we are present.”

after the solemnities, the parties started. the area we occupied was very big, so there were separate groups camping out on different areas on the camp grounds. the rowdier group gathered near the karaoke, feasting on my seafood, the chunks of meat i carved out of the remaining lechon, and the several cases of beer that flooded in.

at one point, i relented to my batchmates’ invitation and had to chug 4 successive shots of fundador. i hated it. although in that drunken state, i managed to get janet to talk to ver and forced both of them to hug. the evening ran on and the B2K5 boys did a backstreet boys number which you can view on

anyway, the following day, after i pulled myself out of my tent to prepare breakfast, we got ready for the adventure race. yes, a fun adventure race. teamed up with carlo and may. in the blistering heat of the sun, we did a wheelbarrow race, made 9 people form the acronym “AMCI” on the sand, grazed for 5 1-peso coins buried under the sun, ran a kilometer of rough road in our sandals (under the blistering heat and in all that dust), carried may around, ran back to the camp, built a 2-foot sandcastle, shot at some FHM posters, kayaked, and searched the seafloor for treasure.

from a miserable last place (damn those coins), we shot up to second when our team overtook joseph’s during the kayak. that really drained me of my reserves. although my last kayaking experience was fun, i had to maintain the gap between us and joseph’s team. kept complaining to carlo that i couldn’t paddle anymore. we could’ve kept the game really close if we weren’t slapped a 2-minute penalty after may’s scooter incident. if only they knew…

anyway, after the race, we did lunch, sang more karaoke, boozed some more, and left san juan just before 4pm. my batchmates had this idea to go to tagaytay for dinner. it was a really long drive, which i mostly slept through because my headache returned. i was woozy, really, and just wanted to get shuteye. i just have to admire these drivers who can keep themselves awake through the drive. i got home around 10.30pm, and slept immediately.