sa murang halaga

cheap ba ako? na-chi-cheapan ka ba sa akin?
-- alma moreno in “the rape of virginia p.

yesterday, we had some visitors in the office. the executive director showed them around and talked about the kind of work we did. while he was in our area, he explained that we (meaning us) reported to people based abroad. he emphasized the global scope of our work, whether it was marketing, professional support, web communications, etc. then the visitor asked, “why do they hire in manila?” i would’ve said, why not? anyway, the question was really why would they offshore services and opt instead to invest so much in a telecommunications infrastructure to eliminate the oceans that separate us from our bosses. well, the executive director very nonchalantly responded that the baker guys hire in manila because “we are cheap.” and he emphasized this in that short conversation more than 3 times. we are cheap. cheap. cheap. it’s true, actually, but i would’ve appreciated it if he resorted instead to a euphemism. in the minutes of the meetings of the global steering committee that i report to, they referred to the manila hire -- me -- as cost-effective. low-cost but extremely qualified. high-quality work for a fraction of the expense if they hired elsewhere in the world. come to think of it, yeah, i am cheap.
I will not use that word in your presence. Of course he was not referring to you, he was selling the company and your services.

He was replying to the query when your company serves oversees requirements, why base yourselves in Manila? He would have said (using euphemism), there is an abundances of talents here and we may not be able to afford it housing them elsewhere outside of Manila. Perhaps in due time when the business grows.

By the way, I ran into your blog site looking for zambales. I enjoyed reading your outdoor activities.
though the reference to us as cheap isn't far from the truth, it just sounds too self-deprecating.

but anyway, thank you for reading my entry on zambales. did you visit anawangin? i have been there 3 times already and i am certain i will keep returning. :D