felt the earth move under my feet

did you feel that?

my building swayed for a few seconds just now, and we weren't sure if there was an earthquake or if my officemate's footsteps were just too heavy. i asked "lumilindol ba?" and i had to point out the blinds behind me that were swinging gently, as if a slight breeze were blowing it left and right. but our floor is completely shut! it lasted a few seconds only, but long enough to make me feel really uncomfortable. i told my officemates to hide under the table. like that'd help! i'm on the 14th floor of a building that doesn't have a 4th and a 13th (you do the math!).
yup. felt that. grabe. anlakas tas di man lang kami nagreact talaga. hahaha. 4th floor kami.
haha. true. immediately after the swaying stopped, we went back to work. parang... wala lang. imagine if something more serious took place. i comforted myself with the thought that i was in a new building with earthquake-proof technology. wishing. haha.
yikes! ako i almost hid under the table. pero come to think of it, how do you deal with a situation like that when you're in an upper floor? hiding underneath a table seems logical in a bungalow.
actually wala. just stay under the door and pray! And to think this isn't my 1st earthquake in that bldg. everytime it happens i just pray. it really is scary. here's the irony: i still like living in high places. I like the view.