pop culture expert (a euphemism for jologs)

i'm glad marky cielo won the "sole survivor" plum in the recent starstruck: the nationwide invasion reality artista search over at the kapuso network. his success sort of breaks down the largely ethnocentric culture that pervades the local showbiz industry. marky, who's originally from mt. province (where one would find sagada, my most favorite retreat), is an igorot, and he pretty much looks it. his highland features edged out other more traditionally good-looking survivors. i must confess that i myself voted for marky online. i don't get to see much of the show, but i wanted to break down some skewed concepts about good looks and bankability. i'm not sure if marky won by a landfall of votes. i'd like to think he copped it because of his talent and personality. if the votes played a factor, then i can only wish that people voted for him not because he's an igorot who's being discriminated against (after a statement made by cebu-based survivor bugz, describing him as "kakaiba" precisely because he's part of an indigenous cultural minority) -- the underdog factor -- because exoticizing the young lad's roots is no better than discrimination. he should win because he's far more talented and deserving of a break at showbusiness.

anyway, just last friday, while i was with ava and lowell and we were walking past starbucks in araneta, i saw a starstruck avenger (starstruck in starbucks -- no problem with short a's there), and i promptly told them: "uy, si vivo ouano!" ava and lowell chorused: "vivo who?" i'm pretty sure they're not the only ones who don't know who vivo is so here's his pic right here. i don't get to see much television, really, since i get home after 10pm almost everyday, but i'm pretty updated about some goings on in showbiz, except maybe whatever the housemates on PBB are up to, or anything related to the kapamilya channel. so i'm a jolog, and it is a confession i am not ashamed to make. in fact, i'll be looking for a collection of DVDs of "jewel in the palace", preferably the one dubbed in english. i have a policy against buying fake DVDs, so i'll probably just borrow from a friend, or ask my mom to buy a set. haha. so much for the policy.