teeny weeny tops

so it’s dress down friday here at the office and it honestly looks like all the boys are on their way to party in malate. what’s with small, tight-fitting shirts? i swear most of these guys buy at the teens section. an officemate very accurately described the phenomenon this way: “ano ba yang mga boys dito, mukhang mga kulbam.” i wear -- well, used to -- (not very) tight-fitting shirts myself (until, well, i experienced some unexpected growth in the abdominal region) but this is ridiculous. in my old office, i was always in a shirt-and-jeans combo, and there was one consultant who came always in a short-sleeved barong, and although he’s still waiting for the results of the bar, my staff would chide me by saying that he looked more like a lawyer than me (or, as is the case sometimes, a security guard!). but on fridays, this same underbar would come in an awfully small shirt, he’s been described either as a macho dancer or a kargador. at least no one’s shocked when i show up in another one of my island souvenirs shirts, since, well they see me like that everyday. now, i’m always in a collared shirt, regardless of the day.

tomorrow, i go out again to climb a mountain i’ve never been to before. mt. natib in bataan. a bunch of my other friends, meanwhile, are leaving for kota kinabalu in malaysia to climb mt. kinabalu. i was supposed to be part of this crew, but i didn’t have the means at the time (okay, so i spent all my moolah on the camera). but if all goes well, i won’t have to wait till next year to see mt. kinabalu. hope this pushes through. as expected, my work isn’t preventing me from doing what i am most passionate about. i hope this lasts though. when i get home, i’m always too tired to do anything else. i really should fix my room, but i’ve actually never spent a weekend just at home since february. sigh.