Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

busy calendar

i’ve drawn up some plans for the rest of the year. yesterday, i took advantage of cebu pacific’s P1++ promo, and booked flights to butuan and back to see the surfs in siargao. total bill: P2,059.00. that’s a steal, if you ask me. a small catch though is that i had to get an earlier flight than everyone else, and my flight back to manila is going to be from CDO, which is about 4 hours from butuan. so even though we’re guaranteed to be really boozed the previous night, i have to leave early so i can make it for my 12.30pm flight. which isn’t too bad because i haven’t been to CDO, actually. i should get an island souvenirs shirt there.

if all goes well, i’ll also be returning to palawan for the holy week. although i’ve done the PPC route, i am very excited about the el nido and coron trip.

i’m also booked for an excursion to mt. kinabalu in sabah, malaysia this may. the entire trip will probably not cost more than P20k. not very expensive for an “international” climb. i’ve passed up on the chance to hike up low’s peak when many of my AMCI friends went there two weeks ago. i didn’t have the budget then, and i’m still realigning my expenses so i will have enough for that trip. but i hope the good weather holds when it’s our turn to visit the mountain. i’ve seen the pictures and i cannot quite conceal my envy. so i’m really looking forward to that.

in between, i expect the AMCI BMC to take most of my time. there will be a lot of climbs starting in july and the IC sometime in late october. i hope it's outside of luzon as well.

the last “major” trip i look forward to taking will possibly take place after christmas. i’d really like to do the southeast asian tour, angkor wat and rural thailand included. let’s hope i’m still liquid then. haha.

* * *

seen at a salon in cubao:

facial P199
foot spa P159
warts P299

i don’t know, but the comedy here is pretty obvious for me, much like being hit by a sledgehammer. but if i have to explain it, then there’s no point. the joke is lost.
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