raising the bar

so UP law keeps bragging rights for a second straight year. several days before last night’s release, i was already making fearless forecasts about a UP grad topping the bar, and i received some cynicism from fellow alumni, saying that joan’s chances were haunted by a valedictorian’s curse, that is, UP law’s bet isn’t likely to be it’s top grad. i’m happy joan proved the cynics, as well as the curse, wrong. but i really must congratulate my good good friend omar alexander romero for joining the “elite” lawyer’s profession. i’m really really happy for him. i really am.

i have a very vivid recollection of my own travails and triumphs during the days immediately prior to and after the feb 28, 2003 release of my own bar results, and this period is both difficult and delirious. so welcome to the fold, omar. panyero.

while checking the results for people i might know (these guys were freshmen in UP law when i was a senior), i chanced upon another familiar name: sherwin v. reyes. he was a high school classmate back in tricol. we were both underachievers: neither of us graduated with honors, but we topped all the "real" exams, the NCEE and the UPCAT including. he joined the PMA after our sophomore year in UP and returned to diliman after an honorable dismissal from the academy. he said he failed calculus three times. not unwillingly, i suspect. he passed the LAE, but failed to make the interview, which is really sad. but i’m glad he passed the bar! i only wish i had some way to congratulate him.

and to everyone who’s still high on the intoxicating feeling of passing the bar, my warmest congratulations. enjoy this moment. everything else is downhill from there. haha. i’m just kidding of course. as jason mraz would say, the world is your oyster now.