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i was speaking to some officemates just now and at least two of them were positively surprised to find out from me that the banaue rice terraces aren't officially part of the wonders of the world, there being only 7. one was so devastated by this bit of news that she surfed the net for proof. of course, she calmly realized that her grade school teachers duped her into believing that we have the eighth wonder. goodness. a pro wrestler claims the same title.
I was in college when I found this out. I bet my teachers were equally unaware of this fact.
i learned about this back in college as well, when i kept noticing this thing or that thing was referred to as the 8th wonder. i did (pre-internet) research and found out we've been had! haha. this isn't the first someone has disbelieved me. i said pretty much the same thing to a complete stranger on the way to bontoc, just after passing the famed terraces.
Teachers are not always correct. When I was at the Ateneo, we were encouraged to challenge our teachers. It thought us how to think and how not to take anything at face value because a so called authority tells you so. Thats why my lawyers love me. I get my money's worth from them simply by asking probing questions and suggesting courses of action.