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17 rounds. that was mike's announcement when i arrived early at the empty lot behind the adidas sports kamp, and i wondered if i heard him right. 17 rounds is a lot, about 8.25 miles, and since i popped up last tuesday, i haven't quite recovered from the trauma on my ankles. since i was already there earlier than i was supposed to, i took a shower at fitness first and hung around the aread to wait for a drizzle to end. after a little while, the guys started arriving. i was in no condition to finish the 17 rounds in good time, but i was there nonetheless to see if i could improve on my record.

i was a little apprehensive about jay's arrival, and wondered how he would treat me. he's been giving me the cold shoulder on text of late, and i was almost sure he'd still be a little upset with what i may have said during our post-climb. after all, he specifically said that he didn't like my pinpointing him! (exclamation jay's) when he finally arrived, i was wearing a huge grin and i waited for him to show that everything was alright. he basically just returned my camp kitchen utensils, and then went about his ways. i suppose he couldn't help not talking to me, so he eventually did, but he hasn't significantly changed his ways, and was still pretty much defensive. when alas we started our run, he sped off. he was being punished with 3 extra rounds.

after the run, i took another shower, joined the guys at chow king, dropped by my old office, and went home with edgar.

later tonight, the long postponed party at manila pavillion will finally push through. i hope we all get drunk.